Kisko Products

.Founded by Leslie and Glenor Josephs in 1977, Kisko Products is the largest manufacturer of freeze pops in Canada.  Operating in a 115,000 square foot state of the art facility, it is a proud family run business whose focus for over 30 years, has always been to produce the best quality freeze pops in the market.  It has an ongoing commitment to product quality and providing 100% customer satisfaction as it relates to their products as well as customer service. 

Being able to offer families a fun, delicious and affordable treat without compromising quality and taste is of prime importance to the company but more important, to the family members.  Kisko Products takes pride in knowing that children are the number one consumers of their products and tries to address the growing health concerns as it pertains to their development.

The company has also been and continues to be a leader in product innovation.  Growing its product line to incorporate new and unique items has allowed Kisko to offer a variety of recognizable brands and pack formats.

The employees at Kisko Products are second to none.  They are a close knit, dedicated group of workers that pull together with hard work and perseverance as they strive to maintain the high standards of the company. Their respect and loyalty are shown to the family members and the overall organization through the dedicated years of service that they provide, many of them being employed for 10 years or more. There is a true sense of “FAMILY” among all.

Kisko's History

Kisko first started business in 1968 in the city of Kingston, Jamaica. It was here, that its founders, Leslie and Glenor Josephs began experimenting with sno-cones using shaved ice and a coned shaped paper cup. Once their flavours were developed, it was their dream to package this tasty frozen treat in a tube.

Kisko Products started as a small family run business with family members producing, packaging and selling the product themselves.

Through hard work and perseverance, they eventually managed to open a small plant and start to automate their business, with the purchase of one machine.

The first product produced, was actually a drink in a pouch with a built in straw. These drinks could be frozen at your convenience and eaten as a slushy as the ice melted down in the tube.  Soon after, they started to produce the syrups in the tubes omitting the straw for an easier, more appealing product.  Thus, KISKO FREEZIES were born.

Kisko Cares About the Environment

Kisko Products is making environmental concerns a number one priority as we move toward building a manufacturing culture of increased sustainability.   Knowing the value of the environment and what it means to our survival, Kisko is continuously working to develop products and methods of operation that reduce our carbon footprint.

From the boardroom to the production floor, sustainability has become a mainstay in the minds of all employees. Kisko’s GREEN TEAM consists of a diligent group of individuals focused on waste management, sustainable packaging and incorporating the efficient use of recyclable energy throughout the facility. These team members look for new and innovative ways to manufacture our products while maintaining a sensitive balance between our social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

Our Environmental Commitment

In 2010, we started an extensive recycling program of which 95% of our current waste is being recycled. We are hoping to increase this to 99% by 2012.

Through our recycling initiatives in 2010 we saved:

439 trees, 151,000 litres of oil, 357,000 kwh of Energy 593 kgs of Air Pollution and 1,140 square meters of Landfill space.

Further Initiatives

We currently capture excess heat from the boilers and compressors which aids in the heating of our facility.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we also draw cold air in from the outside during the winter months and use it to cool our products on the production line through our cooling tunnel.

All of our corrugate packaging (i.e. cardboard) is produced from 100% recycled material.

High efficiency light bulbs are used throughout our facility.

Motion sensors are also being installed with lighting in the facility, allowing light to be turned on ONLY when the rooms are occupied.

All pallets are configured to maximize the use of each skid.

All trucks are shipped with maximum capacity and loads are consolidated as much as possible to reduce carbon emissions with respect to transportation.

Our office has reduced the use of paper by 60%, by incorporating a system of electronic payment to all employees, customers and suppliers.

Kisko has reduced its paper consumption tremendously by using laptops, projectors and other electronic devices in meetings and training sessions.

Kisko has made major steps to reduce road and air transportation as it pertains to meetings. Conference calls are now becoming the norm and are being used to replace the face to face protocol used in the past.

In the evaluation and selection for vendors, Kisko gives vast consideration to vendors that are within close proximity to the manufacturing site to minimize carbon emissions from transportation.

In 2012 we will also be implementing a “green” compost program.


We believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. That’s why Kisko Products proudly supports numerous organizations that work to improve the lives and development of children, such as local schools, camps, churches, hospitals, recreational centres, and food banks. For us, the greatest reward comes from knowing we’re helping underprivileged children thrive in the community.

We also make significant product contributions each year to fundraising events and sports venues that help children and families achieve greater physical and social wellbeing. Here are some of the organizations and programs Kisko Products has supported over the years:

  • YMCA
  • Easter Seals
  • Yonge Street Mission
  • CBM (Christian Blind Mission)
  • World Vision
  • Freedom Orphanage in Haiti
  • Teen Challenge
  • Terry Fox Run
  • Ontario Soccer Federation
  • Ontario Tae-Kwon-Do Tournaments
  • Salvation Army
  • Youth Assisting Youth Mentoring Program
  • CARD (Riding for the Disabled)
  • Jambana Children’s Village
  • Community Living
  • Police and fire department local divisions
    Various cancer runs

Kisko Gives Back

Kisko Products has always been committed to making a positive difference in the lives of needy families and many disadvantaged communities. Being a close knit family run business, there is genuine concern to assist programs specifically geared towards improving the lives of children.

In 2011, Kisko Products partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica ( and Food for the Poor ( to build an elementary school in Kingston, Jamaica. Situated in an extremely impoverished area of Kingston, the new Caribbean Estates Basic School was built in order to offer underprivileged children, a place to learn and obtain a fundamental education. Knowing the tedious challenges that the children and their families face daily, establishing a literary base with skills to read and write was an essential part of Kisko’s plan towards enabling them with valuable life skills.

Mark Josephs, the President of Kisko Products was actively involved with the development of this great program and continues to support disadvantaged children through additional charity organizations and many church based programs.
The Josephs family continually supports many charitable organizations here in Canada as well as those in their homeland, Jamaica.

Another great example of the company’s commitment to helping others is shown through the strong support of Teen Challenge Jamaica and Teen Challenge Canada. Teen challenge is an organization working with men and women to assist them in breaking addictions of all kinds, whether it relates to alcohol or drugs. They have made a great impact on the lives of the addicts and see first hand, the transformation that takes place when there is an established support group in place. Kisko is proud to be affiliated with such a fine organization, and continues to be actively involved with them today.

Kisko’s policy of GIVING BACK has become an integral part of the company’s definition of success. The company’s genuine care and goodwill to help others have proven to be just as important as the mandates and policies that govern how they operate.
The company takes great pride in being able to GIVE BACK to those that are less fortunate, knowing that the gratification received from giving far outweighs the cost of what is given.